When we got Jorge on Dec 24th he was a fatty pants (I say that with affection).  So of course I immediately put him on a weight loss program.....I am such a mean mom.....hehehe.

He initially weighed 13lbs and his target weight is 11lbs.

I started him on Adult Health-RSS (mostly wet) since he has had one episode of crystals prior to us adopting him - and of course it is the best diet in the world!!

I am happy to say that he is now 11.8 lbs - not quite at his target weight but doing pretty well.  His coat is awesome and he LOVES his food.

It has been challenging since he is a littler beggar for food and will literally steal food out of your mouth as you are eating.....I know for a fact he gets additional calories from other sources (mostly when the kids leave bowls/food on the counter.....the other day he stole an entire cooked chicken breast off the table and ate most of it before I discovered him.....ACK).

But despite the challenges, he is losing weight and looking great. I have attached some photos for you - I am biased but he is extra, extra cute.....in a bad sort of way.