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This sweetheart will be turning 15 in a few months. Since she was an 8 week old puppy, she's had major problems with food allergies and sensitivities. I've been on a very long journey trying to find a food that she could tolerate, that wouldn't make her want to rip her hair out, make her skin erupt in massive scabs and in general, make her miserable. I've tried every protein available on the market... in every form available. Kibble, cooked, raw, you name it! She could tolerate raw duck but nothing else, which didn't make for a well balanced diet for my sweet girl. Just recently we have had the good fortune to discover Rayne's Crocodilia-MAINT diet.  For the very first time in Lola's entire life (no word of a lie) Lola now has a food that is well balanced and she can not only tolerate, but enjoy, without any skin eruptions or itching. Lola is a very healthy elder that loves everyone and everything. She's one of those unique souls that makes everyone smile and feel her love. It has broken my heart that she had to endure such skin issues, but Thanks to Rayne, she now can finally enjoy a food that doesn't make her sick, itchy and a wee bit stinky. She's starting to gain weight again and her beautiful Bouvier des Flandres coat is growing back full, shiny and thick. Not bad for an elder of a breed that has a life expectancy of approximately 10 - 12 years of age. From the bottom of my heart I Thank You Rayne and Heather Alexander for introducing this wonderful food to us.