We got Bo our Golden Retrievers two years ago .  At 4 months Bo started having rashes on his belly.  Our vet in Hawkesbury Ont. treated him at first for skin infections. After massive dose of antibiotics, corticoïds , trying different kind of food etc... we we're desperate to fine a solution .  Bo was  in pain ( had to wear a collar for months because of the scratching ) & we even thought about euthanisia as a solution for his problem.  Luckily we consulted a dermatologist & he found that the problem was a staph infection cause by an allergy.  He then suggested that we change the hypo allergenic food we were feeding him & Dr Steele our vet talk to us about Rayne Kangaroos & gave us a sample for Bo to try.  He's been on that food for the past year & every problem went away.  No more pills & Bo is full of energy & healthy.  Thank you Rayne you save Bo's life & we are enjoying our baby.


- Suzanne C



Happy Birthday to Simone the pug.  She just celebrated her 15th year of life. 

Thank you Rayne for developing  Kangaroo Maintenance diet. She loves her meals

She was diagnosed with pancreatitis  6 yrs ago and needed a novel protein to heal. She loves her meals. Because she is a pug it was recommended to me to break down her meals into 6 portions daily. She is totally satisfied and able to eat all day long a pug paradise.

 Currently she is eating one can and Half cup of kibble. With the Rayne S.I.T. Apple & pumpkin  biscuits and kangaroo jerky treats. She is a happy PUGGY as you can see. 15 and going strong.

                            - Susan L. 



Chandler was a very sick dog, he had his first pancreatitis episode in August 2015, however he wasn't diagnosed with it, he was given the diagnoses of hemorrhagic gastroenteritis and advised from the emergency vet that chandler could go back to his regular diet, after 2 nights on IV fluids and pain medication.  Less than a month later, he ended up back in emergency, with vomiting and bloody diarrhea, after a two night stay he was diagnosed with HGE and pancreatitis. He was put on low fat diet and prescribed another brand of food, he was on this food from September till February 2016, in February Chandler was having some food allergies and was really itchy, driving him and me crazy. At this point my vet suggested changing to skin support food, same brand, against my better judgment I switched even though the fat content was 14%, vet assured me Chandler would be ok, even though it was a higher fat food. Less then a month, I'm back at the vet with a VERY sick dog! I thought I was losing my Boi, he was vomiting and had bloody diarrhea again,  again 2 more nights in the hospital with a pancrentis episode, it was at this time my vet, suggested your product to me. It would help with his food allergy and its low fat which is what Chandler needed. I'm happy to say that Chandler has been on the Kangroo low fat kibble since March 2016, and he hasn't had any pancrentis episodes at all. Chandler does not get any dog treats or human food aside from the cucumber my vet approved him to have. I'm so thankful I found your product, I don't know what I would have done if I couldn't find a food that would help both of his issues. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! My Boi is healthy and happy at 11.5 years old!! I always recommend Rayne kangaroo when I hear of another dog with pancreatitis, I swear by your food!!

Attached is a picture of Chandler in the hospital the Last time-March 2016 and now cheering on the Toronto Blue Jays with his mumma ( me)

Both Chandler and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! And his happy and healthy tummy!

 I wanted to share my story with you and thank you for saving my little guys life. 



Stevey is a 5 year old Golden Retriever, Standard Poodle cross. Though a super happy-go-lucky pooch, she was basically suffering in silence as far as allergies go. She had a fruit salad of ailments; inflamed itchy skin (particularly in the belly region), paws chewed raw, as well as red and smelly ears. We switched her food, and ONLY her food, to Low-Fat Kangaroo-MAINT and within weeks everything (EVERYTHING!) cleared up. She transitioned beautifully. While we're talking about the progress she has made, let's also talk about poop. Because, let's face it....we all look at their poop. Before, her poop was pretty inconsistent. Sometimes runny, sometimes firm, sometimes rock hard, sometimes all of the above. At once. After switching her food though her poop is perfect! A+! Always looks (and feels! Gross, I know.) the same. Proof is in the poop!



Dexter is a 3 year and 8 months Boston terrier, Pug, French bulldog. He is on the Canine Low Fat Kangaroo-MAINT food and needed to lose some weight. He came into my life overweight, as well as had bad red, itchy skin,  and a dull coat.

He is now trim, slim, boasts a shiny coat which is soft and healthy looking.  He is able to run around morr with boundless energy and has less dandruff with easier care of his coat and skin with just regular baths. (He does love to swim and jump into puddles and the pond at the barn...)

He no longer gets the severe itchiness and redness and is more active. He loves the Rabbit and Kangaroo treats and they are great to break up into smaller pieces!  He also has minimal to no gas now too!



After many tests this spring, Belle was definitively diagnosed with lymphangectasia. The doctor recommended Rayne Low Fat Kangaroo-MAINT & prednisone & probiotics. This combined treatment showed the best evidence for recovery. And we must say, she loves kangaroo anything! The second picture is of Belle enjoying the wet kangaroo food in a Kong kept frozen and then taken out for her to enjoy. We do hope she will recovery completely in time.