Seeyas became part of the family after she was fostered with us for the Alliston Humane Society. She is husky/malamute/shep mix-who knows- but we love her. Having been a street dog it took us weeks to get her to eat anything other than garbage and table scraps. Eventually, she was willing to eat cat food...yes cat food. So the challenge began to get her to eat the same protein source in a balanced dog food, seeing as she is not a cat and keeping it safe for her best friend who is a kitten with IBD. Seeyas is happily eating the Rayne Rabbit canned and dry and has become a much happier and healthy new member of the family.




Charlie was born in a kill shelter and developed severe allergies and skin sensitivities as a puppy. Every time he ate his skin would break out and his fur would fall. With every meal, his paws swelled so much that he couldn't walk without pain. It was heartbreaking feeling like we were poisoning him every time we fed him, specially after spending so much money on medicines and foods that just didn't work for him. We tried what feels like hundreds of different vet diets and medications, but it wasn't until we switched him to Rayne that we started to see some real improvement. Charlie still struggles with some environmental allergies - but now, every meal is a treat and every bite is a sigh of relief!

-  Iane R. 




Hello!  This big cuddly, slobbering guy and his mom and dad want to thank you for making your rabbit food! 

He has terrible allergies and has been suffering for the last 2 years. It was suggested to us to try your rabbit mix as we have been feeding raw but cant afford to feed him raw rabbit! He loves it (he has never eaten kibble before) and most of his symptoms have cleared up within a few days of switching over. He appears to have more energy and is back to his old self. 

Thank you so much!    -  Danielle, Steve and Titan!


Talyn is my 1 year old (on June 7th) Alaskan Malamute who I got last August. He is my husband and I’s first dog together. I always knew I wanted an Alaskan Malamute since I grew up with one as a child. I have been waiting for a long time for a company like Rayne Clinical Nutrition to come to the Veterinary market, since it is hard to find a whole food based company in the Veterinary world. The market is so over saturated with marketing fads, that it makes it hard to know who to trust and I knew I wanted to stay with a Veterinarian recommended brand because I know the research would be behind it to show supreme nutrition. I was in luck that around the same time as getting Talyn, Rayne was up and starting in Canada, after attending a lecture I was sold! Then upon starting my boy on it I have noticed great improvements in his coat and energy, so the proof was in the pudding (so to speak). Though we have had to transition to the Rabbit-MAINT due to my boy’s on going gastrointestinal problem, Rayne Clinical Nutrition have helped to advise me on what would be best for my boy with their expert team sending his case to their doctors on staff. I could not be more impressed with this company for their all around service, but also for what I feel their food is doing for my dog is benefiting him in his continuing growth and for his overall wellness! Thank you Rayne for making a food that I can believe in!

TURBO is #LovingRayne Rabbit Maint.

TURBO is #LovingRayne Rabbit Maint.


Hi there! My names Julia and I live on Vancouver Island. I'm new to feeding your products but so far they have been a hit for my dog and cat! I have a 3.5y/o 53kg German Shepherd that i have struggled with finding an appropriate diet for. Hes been on all sorts of different limited ingredient excellent quality dry kibbles with not much success. On a good day his stools would still be soft. I switched him to a beef raw diet for about a year and a half which he did good on, much better then he did on any commercial dog food. With a change in our living situation i dont have the storage or time so i'm forced to find him a kibble that will work for us. I started switching him to the kangaroo cans which he liked but still gave him loose stool and he vomited. I then tried the rabbit cans for a couple days and he started to firm up, no vomiting and seamed to quite like it. I took the leap and ordered one of your 8kg bags of Rabbit canine maintenance. Its a miracle, he will actually eat it dry with no wet food mixed in! Im very impressed with this formula and how much Turbo likes it both taste and hes had no upset tummy or loose stool since the switch. 

I've also switched my cat to your Adult Health RSS and i have definitely noticed some improvements with him too!   - Julia and Turbo