#Raynestories followup:

"So we decided to add a puppy to our lives and to the life of Marley, our wonderful 8 yr old boxer. 
Coco (7 months old) is her name and she quickly reminded us of just how much work it is to care for a new puppy. 
Life certainly was made that much easier knowing that we could feed Coco the same food that Marley requires to maintain his GI health. Two dogs in very different stages of life being able to eat the same diet...thanks, Rayne!"
- Marley & Coco's parents

Marley is the gorgeous face on the bag of Growth/Sensitive-GI. 


I can not thank you enough for giving our puppy a new start. We got Charlie when he was 8 weeks old from a breeder. He was a happy puppy but from the first day we got him his stools were not normal and he was not gaining weight. After weeks of blood work and fecal tests, different expensive foods and large vet bills he was diagnosed with Colitis. We wanted to take care of Charlie so our vet had him on meds three times a day which helped but we didn't want to see him have to be on meds his whole life. Nor the expensive reoccurring cost of the monthly meds.

After discovering Rayne and putting our Charlie on Growth/Sensitive-GI diet, Charlie has turned around completely. It's changed his life. His stomach isn't bloated, his stools are normal and best of all he was weaned off the meds and is growing and gaining weight. An added bonus is he also LOVES the food!


We absolutely adore Milo, our 10-month-old Aussie cross. Our kids wake up every morning with one thought on their minds: Where's Milo? They come downstairs to find her wagging her entire body and ready to play. They just can't get enough of her soft fur and her enthusiastic licks. Milo's food, from the day she arrived, has been Rayne's Growth/Sensitive GI diet. She is a beautiful and healthy puppy and it gives us significant piece of mind knowing that she's getting the highest quality diet possible



Netta is approximately 6 years old and was very malnourished and underweight (you could count every rib!). Her tail was amputated twice due to infection and I was asked to foster her as a last resort as she kept opening her incision despite the shelters best efforts to deter her. It was a 'foster failure' as she never left my home. 

In efforts to get her back to a healthy body condition she was put on a high calorie GI diet and she very quickly gained a little too much weight. This is probably also due to her new found hobby of being a master at being a couch potato! She has now started a weight loss program and is enjoying her Rayne Healthy Reduction-MCS so much that I had to get a her a maze bowl because she eats it too quickly! She gets 4 small meals a day and looks forward to each one. After almost 3 months she is close to reaching her weight loss goal and will be continuing on her Healthy Reduction-MCS for weight maintenance. 

It took me so long to switch her off the previous GI diet to a weight loss diet because I was looking for something exactly like what Rayne has to support her sensitive stomach, and love the added joint supplement benefits as she definitely needs this.


This summer we won free Rayne Dog Food. Teeze is one of my flyball dogs. She usually has a hard time with her stomach travelling for flyball tournaments. Upon consultation I chose to feed her & my other dog that shows stress travelling the Growth/Sensitive-GI. We just came back from the U-Fli Championships & I am VERY happy to say we did not once have to give medication for stress diarrhea! Last year she had to be pulled she got so sick.


Bolt is a 3 year old male Boxer. He loves to play, be with people, and he especially likes to eat. During his first two years, he was happy and playful, but he frequently suffered from an upset GI tract, and had very itchy/swollen ears that didn’t improve with cleaning or medication. We worked with our veterinarian to find the cause, and though she suspected a food sensitivity, none of the changes we tried (commercial prescription diets, grain-free, raw, etc.), made a lasting difference.

It wasn’t until our veterinarian recommended a novel protein formulation from the Rayne line of foods that his stomach issues settled down and his ears returned to normal. Now at 3 years of age and on Rayne, he still is a happy and playful puppy, and he loves his Rayne food! But most import to us, he looks and feels like the healthy young dog he is.



I started to feed Tayto Rayne when it was recommended by my vet at our first appointment. Tayto was having minor digestive problems and it was thought that a different food might do the trick. Tayto transitioned very easily from the food she was receiving before we got her and her stomach issues cleared up immediately. We tried the dry food, the wet canned food as well as a variety of treats. She enjoys all the products offered but her favorites are the Rabbit treats and the wet food for sure! I was happy to discover that Rayne is a Canadian company using all natural products and ingredients so we continued to purchase the food even after Tayto was feeling better. We still use the products today and will be customers for life. The food provides Tayto with A LOT of energy and we use the treats at agility training classes as well as around the house. Since seeing such great results with Tayto my parents have begun to feed the wet food to their dog as well. She is a senior dog and loves receiving the wet food as a treat. My mother fed her wet food 3 days in a row and on the 4th day when there was none served she just sat down and growled at the bowl! It's great that both dogs enjoy and benefit from the same food. It makes things much easier when you have more than one dog and can just use the one product for many needs.



During the weaning process little Solo decided he did not care for any of the food being offered. He refused to eat no matter what was offered and would only nurse from mom. I decided to try a less processed, closer to natural diet, so offered him some canned Growth/Sensitive GI. He absolutely loved it and cleaned his plate. Since then Solo has been getting a mixture of dry with a bit of canned and we haven't looked back. He now has the habit of bunny hopping excitedly beside me while I am preparing his meals. I will be planning on maintaining him on this diet throughput adulthood.
- Amy | Gloucester Veterinary Hospital



I would love to say that Edith came from a long line of ‘best in show’ dogs but truthfully she is a ‘Kijiji Special’! At 9 weeks old she came home with a full belly of worms! Her sensitive stomach proved to be a challenge until she began eating Rayne Growth/Sensitive GI. I was thrilled to find a diet that supported both Edith’s growing needs and sensitive stomach. Three years later and Edith is still thriving on her Growth/Sensitive GI! She has grown up to be a wonderfully active pup with an happy and healthy belly!