Cosmo LOVES wet food. Not just any wet food, Rayne's Kantaroo-MAINT wet food. With some minor skin issues and my fear of him not drinking enough from his water dish, this diet has really put my mind at ease. He would eat other wet foods, but not with this much excitement. Plus, his skin irritations have improved without any other changes but adding this to his diet! Thank you Rayne!



Meet Thelma! Thelma Lou takes her job as big sister very seriously. She is responsible for the cuddles, love, and playtime of her sisters both human and Doberman in nature. Thelma is 11 years old and has a substantial heart murmur. Because of her important role in our family, food takes precedence. We want something that we know she enjoys to eat while keeping her at her optimal health! Thelma loves her Rabbit-MAINT and she looks and feels amazing! Just look at her, you wouldn’t even guess she’s 11! Thanks, Rayne!
 - Dani


Meet Jersey! Jersey’s life started off with an unkown future being born in a barn. Luckily, for Jersey, her owners came across her and fell in love. They took her into their arms and into the vet to get checked out. Good thing! She had a virus that needed to be treated. She’s been a part of the family ever since. They affectionately named her Jersey because she was living with the Jersey cows in her first home. She is loving both her life and meal time with Adult Health-RSS.

 - Dana & Dave


Meet Jax! Meet Jax, an excitable, curious, and energetic kitten. We have a very busy household of kids and excitment but never too busy to consider the food we give Jax. We take what we feed our family seriously, and Jax, as a member of our family, is no excpetion. He is looking great and full of life.

 - Leah & Natalie