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Poker Chip Special- cat

Poker Chip Special was much more than just a special cat to everyone who knew her. She was a medical mystery and taught many of us in the Veterinary Industry that you can never stop learning. She was named Poker Chip Special as she was not much bigger than a poker chip when she was born and when you live on a Thoroughbred race farm you need a full race name. Rayne's Growth/Sensitive GI kept our little medical anomaly going for a year longer than her Internal Medicine Specialist had thought she would live. For that, we will be forever thankful.

-Caren & Shawn

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Berlioz came into our lives as a very tiny kitten, over 1.5 years ago. He was born in a veterinary clinic, where he was well cared for, and very well socialized. Immediately upon being in our home, we put him on Rayne Growth/Sensitive-GI wet & some kibble. He loved it and was doing very well on this diet. His rough coat became silky soft, and shiny, and he was growing at a great rate, without getting chubby (portion control).

Early on into being in our home, he showed a penchant for food of all kinds. He loves to eat, and he has shown a particular love for various vegetables. This little trouble-maker, has been known to get into the garbage, knocking things on the floor to see if what comes out is ‘food-adjacent’. Some of the weird food items he eats, are known to cause loose stools, but his stools have always been small, firm, and well formed. He has never had an issue with Gastro-intestinal issues (but for the exception of a jalapeno pepper he got into one time). 


He is now almost 2 years old and he has been eating a combination of Growth Sensitive GI kibble, plus wet food (because cats should always get wet food), and he still looks forward to every single meal. This little man will never miss an opportunity to sink his teeth into his food (or others). His health is fantastic, and he looks amazing. He has a good body condition, and he is full of energy, and enthusiasm for life (and sweet potatoes).