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Voici Scarlett, une belle Rex Cornish connue pour des problèmes dermatologiques depuis déjà quelques années. Après plusieurs essais de différentes nourritures hypoallergéniques, la propriétaire avait perdu espoir qu’une nourriture pourrait aider à contrôler le problème de son chat. Des diètes maisons ont été recommandées par le dermatologiste et le nutritionniste qui suivaient Scarlett. Malheureusement, tout ajout de suppléments pour balancer la nourriture faisait en sorte que sa condition revenait au point de départ. En août 2017, Scarlett a commencé à manger la nourriture Rayne Rabbit-DIAG ce qui a permis de diagnostiquer qu’elle avait bel et bien une allergie alimentaire. Ayant une réponse favorable et une diminution des symptômes, une transition graduelle vers la nourriture en conserve de maintien, puis vers la nourriture sèche a été tentée. Depuis, Scarlett mange la nourriture en croquette et deux cuillères-à-table de conserve de la formule Rabbit-MAINT. Son poil est maintenant lustré et plus abondant, les démangeaisons ont diminué de façon considérable. Elle prend toujours une dose minimale de sa médication pour aider à contrôler ses symptômes, mais, selon ses parents attentionnés, les résultats avec la nourriture Rayne sont de loin les meilleurs qu’avec toutes les autres formules essayées dans le passé.


This is Scarlett, a beautiful Cornish Rex that had dermatological problems for several years. After trying several formulas of hypoallergenic food, her owners did not believe that one day her condition would be controlled! After several consultations with specialists in dermatology and several attempts of homemade recipes, Scarlett reacted immediately upon the addition of dietary supplements.
It was in August 2017 that Scarlett was transferred to the Rabbit-DIAG to diagnose a food allergy. Having an excellent response and decreased itching, a gradual transition was made to canned food, and then added a portion of dry food. Scarlett now eats her Rabbit-MAINT food and 2 tablespoons of canned food. Her fur is now much more abundant, her coat is lustrous, and her itching has diminished a lot. She always takes a minimum dose of medication to control her symptoms but according to her caring parents, the results with Rayne Clinical Nutrition foods are far superior to any other nutritional tests they have done in the past. 




Meatballs is a character and a half, much like most kittens but he wasn't always so playful and full of life. He was a very small kitten and came to us from one of my parent's barn cat queens and was a little "thrifty" to say the least. He didn't grow very much over the first few months of his life and he battled terrible tummy troubles. After being treated for parasites his tummy troubles continued and he began treatment for IBD even though he was just a babe. He has responded well so far to B12 treatments, pre and pro-biotics and now at 7 months of age with the addition of eating the Rayne Rabbit formula, he has become the Energizer Bunny!





Coco adopted us when we purchased her farm in the summer of 2015. She is approximately 7 years old and is our Primary Barn Pest Control Officer here at North of 9 Equine. She's become a whole new cat over the last few years and a huge part of that success has been her diet. She sadly suffers from food allergies and it has taken over two years of trial and error to find the best solution for her. She is very happy that the team at Rayne listened to her original palatability complaints and revamped the Rabbit. She was doing ok, but not 100%, on an alternate fish based diet after many Prescription diets failed for her. Her skin and coat with only 2 weeks on the new Rayne Rabbit is PURRRFECT! Thank you Rayne for keeping Coco happy and healthy from the inside out!

- Caren



Rita is a lovely calico cat who is a bit of a nervous nelly. Due to a rough start at life, she is very suspicious of everyone, and scared of everything. For years she had been vomiting frequently and IBD was suspected as the cause. As she is extremely nervous, and difficult to get a hold of on a regular basis, pilling and medicating were next to impossible. We tried hiding medications in her food and in treats, but she was smart enough to find it, and would eat all of the food, except where the pill was. Our Veterinarian suggested we try food, using a novel protein diet to give her some relief. Some diets were just not palatable or tasty enough for her to want to eat them, and others didn’t work. We found a small amount of improvement with a veterinary novel protein diet, but vomiting was still happening about 4-5 days a week.

Fast forward a few years, and the introduction of Rayne clinical nutrition into the market. It was suggested to us that we give Rita the Novel Protein Rabbit kibble. Immediately, she took to it. She loved her food, which was a huge change. Her previous diet she was eating, but it was clear she was eating to sustain life, not because she loved it. 
After being on the Rabbit diet for about 2 or 3 months, we could see such noticeable improvement. Her vomiting went from almost daily, to perhaps once a week. As time went on, the frequency of vomiting was almost non-existent.  She began to gain weight, which was important as she had become very thin due to not really wanting to eat. She began gaining muscle conditioning, and her coat was softer & shinier than it had ever been.

After a few years, she is now enjoying the full line of Rabbit novel protein options. Kibble, Wet food, and the Rabbit Jerky Rayne Rewards, which she loves.

(See her Rayne rewards story under the “Treats” section of this site)