Oliver is my 3 year old boy! I foster failed him. He was found at 5 weeks old in a squirrel trap and came to me for fostering. 

Anyway around the age of 2 he developed some trouble with his bowels. After many many tests and finally exploratory surgery to rule out anything we could think of, my Vet believes he suffers from a bit of irritable bowel or a very sensitive stomach. My clinic sells Rayne and my Vet suggested the kangaroo diet for Oliver! It’s always his favourite days when it’s kangaroo day!! He LOVES it!!! That’s our #raynestory 😺




My name is Carlson!  I am 5 ½ years old, and I LOVE my Rayne Kangaroo Maint, it is so delicious! 

I have been eating Rayne Kangaroo for about a year.  My veterinary team take really good care of me, and the veterinarian said that I am becoming "muscular" during my yearly physical examination, in September.  I'm more playful than when I as a kitten!

My health and vitality has improved without question!  My coat is so smooth and shiny!  I love to run and jump, play hide and seek, and chase my stick!  Sometimes, I jump so high my parents have to rescue me! 

Pawsitively yours,  Carlson

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Rhea is a 4.5yo Domestic Shorthair and has been on Rayne Clinical Nutrition's Kangaroo-MAINT canned food for almost 4 months now and is doing really well! She has been on several different diets to manage her skin disease over the last 3 years, but on Kangaroo she has gained a lot of muscle mass, as well as losing some body fat, and she loves to eat it! Thanks for making a great food!



Finley is our 3 year old Persian/Ragdoll. Last September his eyes started bothering him, and a few months later he started to develop serious skin issues. By December, he had stopped eating and was vomiting frequently. During this time we had taken him to countless vets and specialists, and no one seemed to be sure what was happening to our poor, sweet boy. We tried hypoallergenic foods but they didn't seem to help. By January he was so dehydrated he had to be hospitalized. At the emergency hospital he was seen by a wonderful dermatologist, who suggested he might have allergies and that a novel protein diet would make a big difference. We had never heard of cats eating kangaroo before, but we were willing to give it a shot. By that time Finley had spent months in a cone, his face was full of scabs, and he had lost weight. Today, after 7 months on Rayne, he's gained all of his weight back, his fur is the softest it's ever been, and with ongoing treatment he's making a full recovery.

We're so grateful we're able to give him a high quality diet made with sustainable ingredients. This is the happiest and healthiest he's ever been! Finley says: "Thank you, Rayne!!"



Moppet is an 8 year old Devon Rex who was born with only one eye and a host of allergies and sinus issues. She doesn't let this get in the way though - she is an active troublemaker! We've had a lot of trouble finding a good food for her but since switching to Rayne Kangaroo-MAINT, Moppet has stopped scratching and started growing back her hair. Her sneezing has decreased too.