Just wanted to send our appreciation out to the wonderful team at Rayne Clinical Nutrition for helping us out with a cat that entered our animal shelter not too long ago. Pretty Girl is an approximately 3 year old female spayed cat who was unfortunately surrendered when her owner could not longer care for her.  When Pretty Girl first came into the shelter she had many skin wounds and scratches along with marked generalized hair loss.

Additionally, she was so extremely itchy to the point where she had to
wear an e-collar at all times to prevent her from scratching herself raw.

The cause of Pretty Girl's skin issues was challenging to diagnose and
treat; however, a colleague recommended checking out Rayne for a food
allergy diet trial. Working in the shelter world, funds can be a limited
resource, however after contacting the Rayne Clinical Nutrition team, they were more than willing to help in whatever way they could!

Pretty Girl has since been on a rabbit and squash diet and along with some new medications she has been doing very well! She no longer wears her e-collar and actually was recently adopted, hopefully into her new forever home. Her new owner is sticking to a treatment plan to see if Pretty Girl has a true food allergy or not and in the mean time she loves her cuddles and wand toy play time.  Our entire shelter medicine team is enormously grateful for support we encountered from the Rayne Clinical Nutrition group in helping Pretty Girl!

Dr. Danielle Boes BSc, DVM

Janet L. Swanson Shelter Medicine Intern

Maddie's Shelter Medicine Program

Cornell University, College of Veterinary Medicine

wing and gaining weight. An added bonus is he also LOVES the food!