Meet Smudge,

Our 7 year old ragdoll. Smudge is a picky eater along with some allergies. We were struggling to find a diet that would control his urine PH and have something to eat where he wasn’t getting a patchy coat. That is until we came across Rayne Adult RSS.

We tried many diets for Smudge over the years which lead to him not eating, or licking out all his hair on his abdomen. It wasn’t until I started working for a vet in a different town that I heard of Rayne, within 2 weeks his PH was back to normal. (He was on s/o before but it wasn’t working for him unfortunately)

Our other older cat is has allergies and IBD and growth sensitive GI has been a god send as well, and same with Adult RSS for our dog that also had problems controlling her urinary problems along with food allergies. We have finally found a diet he always wants more of, and is urine problem free now with a full silky coat! 

We really appreciate your company and products!  Thanks for making him one happy kitty!

- Katie V.



When we got Jorge on Dec 24th he was a fatty pants (I say that with affection).  So of course I immediately put him on a weight loss program.....I am such a mean mom.....hehehe.

He initially weighed 13lbs and his target weight is 11lbs.

I started him on Adult Health-RSS (mostly wet) since he has had one episode of crystals prior to us adopting him - and of course it is the best diet in the world!!

I am happy to say that he is now 11.8 lbs - not quite at his target weight but doing pretty well.  His coat is awesome and he LOVES his food.

It has been challenging since he is a littler beggar for food and will literally steal food out of your mouth as you are eating.....I know for a fact he gets additional calories from other sources (mostly when the kids leave bowls/food on the counter.....the other day he stole an entire cooked chicken breast off the table and ate most of it before I discovered him.....ACK).

But despite the challenges, he is losing weight and looking great. I have attached some photos for you - I am biased but he is extra, extra a bad sort of way.

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 11.43.34 AM.png


This handsome boy is Jesse. We’re not sure of Jesse’s age as he was adopted from the shelter several years ago; best estimate is about 11 years. Jesse is a neutered male that had struggled with the presence of struvite crystals in his urine intermittently for several years. Since starting him on Rayne’s Adult Health RSS diet, he has been completely happy, healthy and free of crystals in his urine!

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 11.46.31 AM.png


When we adopted Jack, and had him neutered, it made sense to feed him the Adult Health RSS also, to help prevent the formation of crystals in his urine. Jack loves his food and he and Jesse have become best buddies! My husband and I previously had a male cat that had blocked (he was unable to urinate) due to the presence of stones in his bladder and he had to have emergency surgery. Because of this experience, we want to do whatever we can to prevent something like this from happening to these two wonderful boys. And, as an extra bonus, we find since they’ve been eating the Adult Health diet, their shedding has significantly decreased!



Levi is 6 years old. We found him as a stray kitten in our back lane. He is a big cuddle-bug and a big talker! He is the boss of the 3 other cats and the dog! Every morning I wake up to him landing on my face as he throws his fluffy body down next to me, demanding cuddles. He is very picky and has always had a sensitive tummy. He is very much enjoying Rayne Adult Health RSS wet and doing very well on it!