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Quite simply, Rayne’s Kangaroo diet gave us our Hermann-Maier back.  Years of lethargy, allergies, and skin conditions were reversed within a few weeks of transitioning to Rayne Low Fat Kangaroo-Maint™.  Hermann-Maier is full of energy and enthusiasm, experiencing a significant reduction in both allergies and weight.  At age 7,  we didn’t know how much longer he would be with us.  Now at almost 9,  we have years of love to give ahead.  We have been so overjoyed to see such a positive improvement. Thank you Rayne, from the bottom of our hearts.  

 - Brian, Heather, Hermann-Maier, and Eddie-Vedder



When Henry ate processed food or treats with beef, I noticed that he would often be quite itchy.  l decided to look for a diet with a different protein source.  I had home cooked for my dogs in the past and wanted a diet with whole food ingredients, something less processed, closer to home cooked food.   When I read the ingredient lists for Rayne diets I felt good about the ingredients. Henry is also quite picky about kibble but he ate the Rayne Rabbit-MAINT™ right away, and no itching!
 - Marla



We believe in the value of whole food nutrition and want to feed Bella the same way we feed ourselves. We are not willing to compromise on expertise, quality, and safety, to get a more natural diet, and we believe that the best nutrition comes from the veterinary clinic. Bella is a Pomeranian, a breed at higher risk for calcium oxalate crystals and stones, so we also want a diet that helps prevent urinary problems. Since changing her food to Adult Health-RSS™, Bella looks and feels great. Her coat is softer, her stools are healthier, and she has LOADS of energy!
 - Heather



I am Marley, a happy, healthy 5 year old boxer, but things didn't start off that way.  At 4 months of age, I came to the humane society with a broken leg and a broken heart.  I was adopted by a loving family and my new dad was also a Veterinarian. I was told I had an apparent gas problem and that my waistline was becoming too round. Admittedly I do love to eat and I was hungry most of the time. Several months ago my problems were solved. I am now eating Rayne Growth/Sensitive-GI. I no longer hear people laughing about my gas problem. My hunger is now satisfied so I'm back in shape. My dad is also happy that my stools are the best they've ever been! Life is good, let it Rayne.
 - Kirk & Marley



Kimmy is a Retriever mix. Like a lot of Retrievers, Kimmy lives for food! She has been quite overweight in the past so we want to ensure she stays at a healthy, happy weight, and doesn’t feel hungry all the time. Healthy Reduction-MCS keeps Kimmy feeling full, and maintains her at a great weight with lots of lean muscle. Kimmy’s coat gleams in the sun, and when you see her running around you would never guess she is 12 years old!



Mason had been a picky eater and had skin issues since a puppy. Although he was healthy overall, we knew there was room for improvement. Our veterinarian recommended a novel protein diet. Switching him to Rayne’s Crocodilia-MAINT has made a world of difference. He eats more regularly and is excited for meal time. His energy level is great and his skin looks wonderful year round! Rayne’s whole food approach has definitely made us believers. It’s great to see a diet help your dog live up to his full potential. Thank you, Rayne!