Cooper had minor tummy troubles, and after talking to a close friend who mentioned Rayne, we started him on Adult Health-RSS. HIs tummy troubles have disappeared and he LOVES the food. Being a breed prone to developing stones, we are being proactive in aiding in the prevention of that becoming an issue. He's a wonderful family dog, and wouldn't know what we'd do without him! Thanks Rayne for the great food! (...and treats!)

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When we adopted Jack, and had him neutered, it made sense to feed him the Adult Health RSS also, to help prevent the formation of crystals in his urine. Jack loves his food and he and Jesse have become best buddies! My husband and I previously had a male cat that had blocked (he was unable to urinate) due to the presence of stones in his bladder and he had to have emergency surgery. Because of this experience, we want to do whatever we can to prevent something like this from happening to these two wonderful boys. And, as an extra bonus, we find since they’ve been eating the Adult Health diet, their shedding has significantly decreased!